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[Escape to the Quays]
3A When Revealed: Each player searches the encounter deck and discard pile for 1 enemy and adds it to the staging area.

3B Enemies cannot be optionally engaged.

Forced: The first enemy revealed from the encounter deck each round makes an immediate attack against the player who controls Alcaron's Scroll from the staging area.

The players cannot defeat this stage unless Alcaron's Scroll is attached to a hero. If the players defeat this stage, they have won the game.

[Fighting in the Streets]

2B Battle. (Characters use their instead of when questing.)

The players cannot advance to the next stage unless Alcaron's Scroll is attached to a hero.

When Revealed: Attach Alcaron's Scroll to the highest engagement cost enemy in play, if able. Otherwise, add Alcaron's Scroll to the staging area.

[Forest Bat]
Forest Bat 1 1 1 1
[Enemy] Creature.
When Revealed: The first player deals 2 damage to a questing hero and removes that hero from the quest.

[Haradrim Elite]
Haradrim Elite 3 4 3 3
[Enemy] Harad.
Forced: When Haradrim Elite enters play, it makes an immediate attack from the staging area against the first player.

[Harbor Storehouse]
[Location] City.
Forced: Each time a location is discarded from the top of the encounter deck, raise each player's threat by 1.

[Harbor Thug]
Harbor Thug 2 3 1 3
[Enemy] Thug.
Forced: When the player whose hero has Alcaron's Scroll attached raises his threat, Harbor Thug engages that player.

[Hunter of Lamedon]
Hunter of Lamedon 2 1 1 1 1
[Ally] Gondor. Outlands.
Response: After you play Hunter of Lamedon from your hand, reveal the top card of your deck. If it is an Outlands card, add it to your hand. Otherwise, discard it.

[Ithilien Guardian]
[Objective] Gondor. Ranger.
While Ithilien Guardian is in the staging area, he is committed to the current quest.

When Revealed: Add Ithilien Guardian to the staging area and Ithilien Guardian gains surge.

[Ithilien Road]
[Location] Forest. Road.
While Ithilien Road is the active location, the engagement cost of each enemy in the staging area is 0.

[Ithilien Tracker]
Ithilien Tracker 2 0 1 0 3
[Ally] Gondor. Ranger.
Action: Exhaust Ithilien Tracker to lower the of the next enemy added to the staging area to 0 until the end of the phase.
Search Returned 76 Results.