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[Breakthrough at the Approach]

3B Battle. (Characters quest using instead of .)

Forced: After the players quest unsuccessfully, instead of raising threat, each player must choose and discard 1 character he controls.

[Breakthrough at the Citadel]

4B Siege (Characters quest using instead of .)

Breakthrough at the Citadel adds 5 to the staging area.

Celador 2 2 2 3
[Objective] Gondor. Ranger.
While Celador is in the staging area, he is committed to the current quest.

Forced: After players quest unsuccessfully or a character leaves play, deal 1 damage to Celador.

If Celador leaves play, remove him from the game.

[Citadel Custodian]
Citadel Custodian 5 1 0 1 3
[Ally] Gondor.
Lower the cost to play Citadel Custodian by 1 for each Gondor ally in play.

[City Street]
[Location] City.

While City Street is in the staging area, players cannot travel to a location that does not have the title City Street.

[Collateral Damage]
When Revealed: Discard 2 cards from the top of the encounter deck. Discard an additional 2 cards for each copy of Collateral Damage in the discard pile. Then, raise each player's threat by 2 for each location discarded by this effect.

Damrod 4 1 2 2 2
[Ally] Gondor. Ranger.
Action: Discard Damrod from play to lower your threat by 1 for each enemy in the staging area.

[Defender of Rammas]
Defender of Rammas 2 0 1 4 1
[Ally] Gondor. Warrior.

[Envoy of Pelargir]
Envoy of Pelargir 2 1 1 0 1
[Ally] Gondor.
Response: After Envoy of Pelargir enters play, add 1 resource to a Gondor or Noble hero's resource pool.

Errand-rider 1 0 0 0 2
[Ally] Gondor.
Action: Exhaust Errand-rider to move 1 resource from the resource pool of a hero you control to another hero's resource pool.
Search Returned 76 Results.