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[King Under the Mountain]
[Attachment] Title.
Attach to a Dwarf hero.

Action: Exhaust King Under the Mountain to look at the top 2 cards of your deck. Add 1 to your hand and discard the other.

[Known to an Ounce]
When Revealed: Each player discards 2 random cards from hand. Until the end of the phase, each Dragon enemy in play gets +1 for each event discarded by this effect.

Burgle: The first player shuffles his deck and reveals the top card. He may discard 1 card from his hand that matches the revealed card's sphere and cost.

[Lazy Lob]
Lazy Lob 3 3 0 3
[Enemy] Creature. Spider.

When Revealed: Each character committed to the quest gets 1 poison.

[Lost in the Dark]

2B When Revealed: Reveal stage 3 and create a separate staging area for the first player using that stage. If there are no other players in the game, discard this stage and each card in its staging area. All other players advance to stage 4.

[Misty Mountain Eagle]
[Objective] Creature. Eagle.
Action: The first player may spend 2 resources to (choose one): take control of Misty Mountain Eagle, or discard this ally to discard a non-unique enemy in the staging area.

[Mithril Shirt]
[Treasure] Artifact. Erebor. Item.
Attach to Bilbo Baggins.

Attached hero gets +1 and +1 hit point.

[Northern Slopes]
[Location] Mountain.
While Northern Slopes is in the staging area, each Goblin enemy gets +1 and +1 .

While Northern Slopes is the active location, it gains: "Forced: When a character leaves play, remove 1 progress from the current quest, if able."

Oin 8 2 1 1 4
[Hero] Dwarf.
While you control at least 5 Dwarf characters, Oin gets +1 and gains the resource icon.

[Old Tomnoddy]
Old Tomnoddy 3 5 2 4
[Enemy] Creature. Spider.

Forced: At the end of each round, each player must give a hero he controls 1 poison.

[Poisoned by Spiders]
When Revealed: Each character takes damage equal to the number of poison it has. If no characters were damaged by this effect, this card gains surge.
Search Returned 79 Results.