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[Great Hall]
[Location] Underground.
While Great Hall is the active location, it gains: "Forced: Put 1 progress token on Smaug the Golden at the end of each round."

Burgle: The first player shuffles his deck and reveals the top card. He may discard 3 cards from his hand that match the revealed card's type.

[Great Yew Bow]
[Attachment] Item. Weapon.
Attach to a hero with the printed Ranged keyword. Restricted.

Combat Action: Choose an enemy in the staging area. Exhaust Great Yew Bow and attached hero to make a ranged attack against that enemy. Declare attached hero as the attacker. No other attackers can be declared for this attack.

[Gundabad Archer]
Gundabad Archer 2 2 1 3
[Enemy] Goblin. Orc.
When Revealed: Each player must deal 2 damage to a character he controls.

[Gundabad Climber]
[Enemy] Goblin. Orc.
When Revealed: Remove 1 progress from every quest stage in play. (2 progress instead if 3 or more players in the game.)

[Gundabad Wolf Rider]
[Enemy] Goblin. Orc.
Forced: When this enemy attacks, remove 1 progress from the current quest.

[Hatred Rekindled]
When Revealed: Each enemy engaged with a player makes an immediate attack. Do not deal shadow cards for attacks made by this effect. If no attacks were made by this effect, this card gains surge.

[Heedless of Order]

When Revealed: Choose a different quest to be the current quest until the end of the round, if able. If the current quest did not change as a result of this effect, this card gains Doomed 3.

[Hidden Path]
[Location] Forest. Mountain.
While Hidden Path is the active location, locations in the staging area get -1 .

Travel: Spend 2 resources to travel here.

[Inside Information]
3A When Revealed: Set Smaug the Golden aside, out of play. Add Smaug the Magnificent and A Bare Patch to the staging area.

3B Players cannot defeat this stage while Smaug the Magnificent is in play.

Forced: If the total number of progress on this stage is greater than the total remaining hit points on Smaug the Magnificent, remove Smaug the Magnificent from play.

If the players defeat this stage, they have won the game and discovered any treasure successfully burgled from The Lonely Mountain.

[Into Mirkwood]
1A Setup: Each player may shuffle 1 copy Bilbo's Magic Ring into his deck. Search the encounter deck for The Spider's Glade and set it aside, out of play. Then, shuffle the encounter deck and reveal 1 encounter card per player.

1B Unconscious characters cannot quest, attack, defend, collect resources, trigger abilities, be poisoned, or ready (except by effects that target unconscious characters).
Search Returned 79 Results.