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[Desperate Alliance]
Action: Choose a hero you control. Until the end of the phase, give control of that hero and all resources in that hero's resource pool to another player. (Limit 1 per phase.)

[Treachery] Enchantment.
When Revealed: Attach to the hero with the most resources without Dragon-Spell attached. (Counts as a Condition attachment with the text:
"Attached hero gets -1 for each resource in its resource pool.
Forced: When attached hero spends resources, attached hero takes X damage. X is equal to the number of resources spent")

Dwalin 3 1 1 2 3
[Ally] Dwarf.
While you control at least 5 Dwarf characters, lower the cost to play Dwalin by 2.

[Expert Treasure Hunter]
[Attachment] Skill.
Attach to a hero.

Response: After attached hero quests successfully, name a card type and discard the top card of your deck. If the discarded card is the named type, take it into your hand.

[Fat Spider]
Fat Spider 2 1 1 6
[Enemy] Creature. Spider.

This enemy gets +3 while engaged with a player who controls at least 1 poisoned character.

[Fighting Among Friends]
When Revealed: The first player names a sphere. Then, all non- characters who do not belong to the named sphere are removed from the quest.

[Forest Stream]
[Location] Forest. River.
While Forest Stream is the active location, poisoned characters cannot quest.

Response: After Forest Stream leaves play as an explored location, discard 4 poison.

[Giant Web]
Giant Web 3 3
[Location] Forest.
While Giant Web is the active location, each character gets -1 , -1 , and -1 for each poison it has.

Response: After Giant Web leaves play as an explored location, ready an unconscious character.

Gloin 3 2 1 1 3
[Ally] Dwarf.
While you control at least 5 Dwarf characters, Gloin gains: "Response: After you play Gloin from your hand, choose a hero. Add 2 resources to that hero's resource pool.

[Goblins are Upon You!]
When Revealed: Each player must search the encounter deck and discard pile for a Goblin enemy and put it into play, engaged with him. Then, shuffle the encounter deck. (This effect cannot be canceled.)
Search Returned 79 Results.