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[Black Arrow]
[Attachment] Artifact. Item.
Limit 1 per deck. Attach to a hero with Ranged.

Response: After attached hero declares an attack, add Black Arrow to the victory display to give attached hero +5 for this attack.

Victory 1.

[Bodyguard of Bolg]
[Enemy] Goblin. Orc.
Bolg cannot take damage.

Forced: When this enemy attacks, deal it an additional shadow card for each quest stage in play with no progress tokens on it.

Bolg X 6 3 8
[Enemy] Goblin. Orc.
X is the number of players in the game.

Immune to player card effects.

Cannot leave the staging area.

The first Goblin revealed each round gains surge.

Bombur 8 0 1 2 5
[Hero] Dwarf.
When counting the number of Dwarf characters you control, Bombur counts as two.

[Captured by Spiders]
3A When Revealed: Remove all resources from each hero's resource pool. Then, make each character you control (except Bilbo Baggins) unconscious.

3B Unconscious characters cannot quest, attack, defend, collect resources, trigger abilities, be poisoned, or ready (except by effects that target unconscious characters).

Do not pass the first player token. When this stage is complete, do not advance to stage 4 until the end of the quest phase. (Combine staging areas if necessary.)
Action: Spend 2 resources to ready an unconscious character you control.

[Caught in Webs]
When Revealed: Choose a hero to be removed from the quest and make that hero unconscious. If no hero was removed from the quest by this effect, this card gains surge.

[Crazy Cob]
Crazy Cob 2 3 2 2
[Enemy] Creature. Spider.

When Revealed: This enemy attacks the character with the most poison attached.

[Croaking Crows]
Croaking Crows 1 1 1 2
[Enemy] Creature.

Forced: When a location is revealed from the encounter deck, put 1 progress on Smaug the Golden.

Burgle: The first player shuffles his deck and reveals the top card. He may discard 1 card from his hand that matches the revealed card's sphere and type.

[Dark Bats]
Dark Bats 2 2 0 1
[Enemy] Creature.
Forced: After Dark Bats damages a character, attach it to that character. (While attached, counts as a Condition attachment with the text: "Attached character gets -1 , -1 , and -1 .")

[Desolation of Smaug]
[Location] Wasteland.
While Desolation of Smaug is the active location, the first treachery card revealed each round gains surge.

Burgle: The first player shuffles his deck and reveals the top card. He may discard 2 cards from his hand that match the revealed card's cost.
Search Returned 79 Results.