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[A Bare Patch]
[Objective] Information.
While attached, Smaug the Magnificent gets -3 . Response: After the players quest successfully, the first player makes a burgle attempt. If successful, attach A Bare Patch to Smaug the Magnificent.

[A Warm Welcome]
1A Setup: Search the encounter deck for Smaug the Golden, Smaug the Magnificent, The Lonely Mountain, and A Bare Patch. Set Smaug the Magnificent and A Bare Patch aside, out of play. Add Smaug the Golden and The Lonely Mountain to the staging area. Shuggle the five Erebor treasure cards and stack them facedown under The Lonely Mountain.

1B Skip the Quest phase.

Forced: At the end of round, advance to stage 2.

Balin 9 2 1 2 4
[Hero] Dwarf.
Response: Pay 1 resource from Balin's resource pool to cancel a shadow effect just triggered during an attack. Then, deal the attacking enemy another shadow card. (Limit once per attack.)

[Bard the Bowman]
Bard the Bowman 11 2 3 2 4
[Hero] Esgaroth. Warrior.

When Bard the Bowman makes a ranged attack, the enemy he attacks gets -2 until the end of the phase.

[Battle in the Dale]

3B Players cannot advance from this stage unless stage 2 and stage 4 are complete.

Battle. (Characters use instead of when questing here.)

Forced: If there is no progress on this stage at the end of the round, the first player adds the topmost enemy in the discard pile to the staging area, if able.

[Battle with the Spiders]
4A When Revealed: Add The Spider's Glade to the Staging area.

4B Unconscious characters cannot quest, attack, defend, collect resources, trigger abilities, be poisoned, or ready (except by effects that target unconscious characters).

Progress cannot be placed on this stage while The Spider's Glade is in play

Action: Spend 2 resources to ready an unconscious character you control.

If the players defeat this stage, they have won the game and discovered the treasure card Bilbo's Magic Ring.

[Belching Fire]
When Revealed: Each Dragon enemy in the staging area makes an immediate attack against the player with the highest total committed to the quest. (Do not deal a shadow card for this attack.)

Burgle: The first player shuffles his deck and reveals the top card. He may discard 1 card from his hand that matches the revealed card's type and cost.

Bifur 3 1 2 1 3
[Ally] Dwarf.
While you control at least 5 Dwarf characters, Bifur gains: "Response: After you play Bifur from your hand, draw 2 cards."

[Bilbo Baggins]
Bilbo Baggins 0 1 1 1 3
[Hero] Hobbit. Burglar.
Bilbo Baggins does not count against the hero limit and cannot gain resources from non-treasure cards. The first player gains control of Bilbo Baggins.

Action: Spend one resource to search your deck for a treasure card and add it to your hand.

If Bilbo Baggins leaves play, the players have lost the game.

[Bilbo's Magic Ring]
[Treasure] Artifact. Item. Ring.
Attach to Bilbo Baggins.

Action: Exhaust Bilbo's Magic Ring and raise your threat by 1 to gain 1 resource. (Limit once per round.)

Response: After Bilbo Baggins exhausts to defend an attack, exhaust Bilbo's Magic Ring and raise your threat by 3 to cancel all damage from this attack.
Search Returned 79 Results.