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[Come Down Little Bird]
When Revealed: Starting with the first player, each player must search the encounter deck and encounter discard pile for 1 Creature enemy and put it into play engaged with him. Then, shuffle the encounter deck.

Riddle: The first player names a card type and cost, shuffles his deck, then discards the top 3 cards. For each of those cards that matches both items, place 1 progress token on stage 2.

Cram 0
Attach to a hero.
Action: Discard Cram to ready attached hero.

[Dawn Take You All]

3B When Revealed: Remove all Troll enemies and Sack cards from the game. If Troll Cave is in the victory display, the players have discovered the treasure cards Sting, Glamdring, and Orcrist.

The players have won the game.

Dori 3 1 2 1 3
[Ally] Dwarf.
Response: After a hero is assigned any amount of damage, exhaust Dori to place that damage on Dori instead.

[Down, Down to Goblin Town]
3A When Revealed: Shuffle all encounter cards back into the encounter deck and set it aside, inactive. The second encounter deck becomes the active encounter deck. Search the encounter deck for The Great Goblin and add it to the staging area. Then, shuffle the encounter deck.

3B Players cannot defeat this stage unless The Great Goblin is in the victory display.

When Revealed: Reveal 3 encounter cards per player. Bilbo Baggins may spend X resources to reduce the total number of encounter cards revealed by X. (To a minimum of 1.)

If the players defeat this stage they have won the game.

[Dreary Hills]
[Location] Western Lands.
Forced: After placing 1 or more progress tokens on Dreary Hills, each player must discard 1 card at random.
Response: After Dreary Hills leaves play as an explored location, Bilbo Baggins gains 1 resource.

[Expecting Mischief]
Play during the quest phase, before the staging step.

Action: Deal 2 damage to the first enemy revealed from the encounter deck this phase.

Fili 3 1 1 1 2
[Ally] Dwarf.
Response: After you play Fili from your hand during the planning phase, search your deck for Kili and put him into play under your control. Then, shuffle your deck.

Response: After a hero you control attacks and destroys an enemy, exhaust a Weapon card attached to that hero to draw 3 cards.

[Front Porch]
[Location] Cave.
While Front Porch is the active location, players cannot attack Goblin enemies.

Action: The first player may spend 2 resources to treat Front Porch's printed text box as if it were blank until the end of the round.
Search Returned 84 Results.