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[Along the Misty Mountains]
1A Setup: Put Arwen Undomiel into play under the control of the first player. Shuffle the encounter deck. Reveal 1 card from the encounter deck per player, and add them to the staging area.


[Approaching Rivendell]

3B When Revealed: Reveal 1 card from the encounter deck per player, and add it to the staging area.

Characters cannot be healed.

If the players defeat this stage, they have won the game.

[Arwen Undomiel]
Arwen Undomiel 2 0 1 2
[Objective] Noldor. Noble. Ally.
The first player gains control of Arwen Undomiel, as an ally.
Response: After Arwen Undomiel exhausts, choose a hero. Add 1 resource to that hero's resource pool.
If Arwen Undomiel leaves play, the players are defeated.

[Barren Hills]
[Location] Hills.
While Barren Hills is the active location, ignore ambush.

Bombur 3 0 0 1 3
[Ally] Dwarf.
Action: Exhaust Bombur to choose a location. That location gets -1 until the end of the phase. (That location does not contribute its instead if it is an Underground location.)

Crebain 2 0 0 3
[Enemy] Creature.
While Crebain is in the staging area, encounter card effects cannot be canceled.

[Dunedain Wanderer]
Dunedain Wanderer 5 1 2 2 2
[Ally] Dunedain. Ranger.
Ranged. Sentinel. Secrecy 3.

Elladan 10 2 1 2 4
[Hero] Noldor. Noble. Ranger.
While Elrohir is in play, Elladan gets +2
Response: After Elladan is declared as an attacker, pay 1 resource from his resource pool to ready him.

[Followed by Night]
When Revealed: The first player (choose 1): deals 1 damage to all allies in play and Followed by Night gains surge, or all enemies engaged with players make an immediate attack, if able.

[Goblin Gate]
[Location] Gate.
While Goblin Gate is the active location, the first enemy revealed from the encounter deck each round gains ambush. If that enemy engages a player, it makes an immediate attack (deal and resolve a shadow card).
Search Returned 25 Results.