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[A Wisp of Pale Sheen]
[Treachery] Escape.
When Revealed: Place 2 resource tokens on Gollum. Any player may exhaust a hero to reduce this effect to 1 resource token. Escape: 4

Boromir 11 1 3 2 5
[Hero] Gondor. Noble. Warrior.
Action: Raise your threat by 1 to ready Boromir.
Action: Discard Boromir to deal 2 damage to each enemy engaged with a single player.

[Dunedain Cache]
[Attachment] Item.
Attach to a hero.
Attached hero gains ranged.
Action: Pay 1 resource from attached hero's pool to attach Dunedain Cache to another hero.

[Dunedain Watcher]
Dunedain Watcher 3 1 1 1 2
[Ally] Dunedain.
Response: Discard Dunedain Watcher from play to cancel the shadow effects of a card just triggered.

Elfhelm 4 1 2 2 3
[Ally] Rohan. Warrior.
While Elfhelm is ready, he gains:
"Response: After your threat is raised as the result of questing unsuccessfully, or by an encounter or quest card effect, reduce your threat by 1."

[Fast Hitch]
[Attachment] Skill.
Attach to a Hobbit character.
Action: Exhaust Fast Hitch to ready attached character.

[Fens and Mires]
[Location] Dead Marshes.
Forced: After the players travel to this location, place 1 resource token on Gollum.
Escape: 2

[Giant Marsh Worm]
[Enemy] Creature.
Forced: Remove 2 damage from Giant Marsh Worm at the end of each round.
Escape: 2

[Objective] Gollum.
If Gollum ever has 8 or more resource tokens on him, shuffle him back into the encounter deck.
Forced: At the end of the quest phase, the party must make an escape test, dealing 1 card per player from the encounter deck. If this test is failed, place 2 resource tokens on Gollum.

[Impassable Bog]
[Location] Dead Marshes.
When Revealed: Place 1 resource token on Gollum for each location card in the staging area.
Escape: 2
Victory: 7
Search Returned 21 Results.