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[Ambush in Ithilien]
1A Setup: Add Celador to the staging area. Search the encounter deck for a copy of Ithilien Road and make it the active location. Each player must search the encounter deck for a copy of Southron Company and add it to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter deck.

1B Battle. (Characters use instead of when questing.)

If the players complete this stage with Celador in the staging area, advance to stage 3A (bypassing stage 2).

[Approaching Cair Andros]

4B If any player's threat is 37 or higher, Approaching Cair Andros gains siege.

Forced: At the end of each round, raise each player's threat by 2.

If the players defeat this stage, they have won the game.

[Blocking Wargs]
When Revealed: Deal 1 damage to each character committed to the quest.

Celador 2 2 2 3
[Objective] Gondor. Ranger.
While Celador is in the staging area, he is committed to the current quest.

Forced: After players quest unsuccessfully or a character leaves play, deal 1 damage to Celador.

If Celador leaves play, remove him from the game.

[Ithilien Guardian]
[Objective] Gondor. Ranger.
While Ithilien Guardian is in the staging area, he is committed to the current quest.

When Revealed: Add Ithilien Guardian to the staging area and Ithilien Guardian gains surge.

[Ithilien Road]
[Location] Forest. Road.
While Ithilien Road is the active location, the engagement cost of each enemy in the staging area is 0.

[Southron Company]
[Enemy] Harad.
Southron Company gets +2 and +2 while the current quest card has the battle or siege keyword.

[Southron Counter-attack]

2B Siege. (Characters use instead of when questing.)

Archery X.

X is the number of players in the game.

After this stage is completed advance to stage 4A (bypassing stage 3).

[The Hidden Way]

3B When Revealed: The first player takes control of all Ranger objectives in the staging area.

Enemies do not make engagement checks and cannot be optionally engaged.