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[Lossarnach Bandit]
[Enemy] Brigand.
Forced: When Lossarnach Bandit engages a player, that player discards 1 resource from each of his heroes' resource pools. (2 resources instead if Lossarnach Bandit was not optionally engaged.)

[Lurking in Shadows]
When Revealed: Return all Brigand enemies engaged with players to the staging area. If this effect returned no Brigand enemies to the staging area, Lurking in Shadows gains surge.

[Umbar Assassin]
Umbar Assassin 4 5 1 5
[Enemy] Brigand.
Archery 2.

Forced: When Umbar Assassin engages a player, that player must deal 3 damage to a hero he controls. (Discard that hero instead if Umbar Assassin was not optionally engaged.)

[Zealous Traitor]
Zealous Traitor 2 3 2 2
[Enemy] Brigand.
Forced: When Zealous Traitor engages a player, that player must deal 1 damage to each ally he controls. (2 damage instead if Zealous Traitor was not optionally engaged.)