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[Goblin Axeman]
Goblin Axeman 2 1 2 2
[Enemy] Goblin. Orc.
Goblin Axeman gets +1 for each Cave location in play.

[Goblin Driver]
Goblin Driver 3 2 2 2
[Enemy] Goblin. Orc.
When Revealed: The first player exhausts 1 character he controls.

[Goblin Miners]
Goblin Miners 2 2 0 2
[Enemy] Goblin. Orc.
Goblin Miners gets +1 for each Cave location in play.

[Goblin Runners]
Goblin Runners 1 3 1 2
[Enemy] Goblin. Orc.

[Grip, Grab! Pinch, Nab!]
When Revealed: Starting with the first player, each player must choose 1 Goblin enemy from the discard pile and add it to the staging area.

[The Goblins' Caves ]
[Location] Cave.
While The Goblins' Caves is the active location, Goblin enemies get +1 .